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144000, Moscow region, 

Electrostal, Raskova St., 6


+7 (496) 574-42-72
+7 (496) 574-66-04


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How to reach?

Hotel "Electrostal" is situated in a convenient location in the centre of the town of Elektrostal. To reach the hotel from Moscow :

By bus

  • №399 (from the metro station "Partizanskaya")
  • no 588 (metro station "Izmailovsky") to bus stop "shop Expert"

By train


from the Kursk station (metro station "Kursk, Gorky direction).
  • To go to Fryazevo station and further by bus No. 42 (15 minutes) to a stop "Avanguard stadium".
  • or to Electrostal station and further by bus No. 20 to a stop "Expert shop".
To our hotel you can learn information on other ways of driving by phone.



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144000, Moscow region, Electrostal, Raskova St., 6


 Phone number:

+7 (496) 574-42-72
+7 (496) 574-66-04


Additional services

  •     Copying of documents
  •     Fax
  •     Service by a food in number - 150 rub.

Фотогалерея гостиницы "Электросталь"